Why Denmark is the best country in the world.

“Hi,  I found your blog searching for information about Denmark,  I am a 22 year old student who is just crazy about Denmark.  I have always been crazy about Denmark.  When I was a little girl my babysitter for a time was a Danish exchange student called Sxxxx,  she was such a sweet girl and would tell me lots of things about how great Denmark is.  We kept in touch for many years,  and my family even visited her family for a brief holiday,  so we got to see Denmark.  I guess it wasn’t the best time to visit, the weather was really bad that week and because it was winter it was very dark and gloomy,  but Sxxxx and her family very proudly showed us around in that time and I learned even more about Denmark.  Sxxxx often sent us little care packages from Denmark, with sweets and slippers and stuff…LAKRIDS!! Oh my god,  I love LAKRIDS.  I guess you could say I am Danish at heart.  

I watch The Killing and Borgen and now I have my own apartment I have tried to recreate the stylish Danish decor I saw on our visit to Denmark.  So I guess you can say I am a bit of a nut!  Anyway,  I recently got talking to a Danish guy on facebook,  funnily enough a distant relation of Silke’s,  who friended me through my friending her.  We started by having mildly flirtatious exchanges and this has rapidly snowballed.  He is so hot! I think I am in love.  We have arranged to meet when he comes to London just before Christmas. When we made this arrangement we were still sort of just friends,  online buddies with a slight flirty edge,  but in the short time since we made this arrangement the exchanges have got deeper and more meaningful.  When I look into his big blue eyes on Skype (we talk long into the night) and he tells me about Denmark and how it is a wonderful place to bring up children and how happy and outgoing everybody is,  I can’t shake the feeling that this is the man I am going to bear children with,  and that my destiny is Denmark. The only doubts I have are from the negative things I read on the internet about Denmark, I keep stumbling on comments or blogs that are written by people who seem to have had a really hard time in Denmark as foreginers,  but I think to myself,  true love conquers all, and those people, to dislike Denmark so much, must have other problems, possibly mental,  and that they just vent their fury on Denmark? I write to you to ask if you, knowing what you do, having spent many decades in Denmark, with Danish family and roots but an outside experience too,  even knowing what you do about the negative sides of Denmark,  if you could tell me,  all things considered …some good things about Denmark and why it has the reputation among many as being the best and happiest country in the world to live in.  My fate hangs on it!  No pressure.  Yours sincerely,  Xxxxxxx”

Woah!  Love happens fast doesn’t it. Ignore all the negative things I have said.  Here are some reasons why Denmark is the best country in the world to fall in love and live in:

  • number one for bestiality
  • number one for sperm export
  • number one for mink farming
  • number one for pig farming
  • best hospitals in the world
  • lowest suicide rate
  • IVF is free
  • college is free
  • pig liver pate is cheap
  • alcoholism is free
  • women are equal
  • everybody lives forever
  • no cancer
  • sex is free
  • streets are paved with gold

With so many reasons to move to Denmark my love,  I just can’t understand why you don’t propose to Mikkel when you meet him in December.  Go. Go and build your life in Denmark,  the place of dreams and equality and legal animal bordellos!

But please do keep a blog,  I have a feeling your story is going to be educational to all other women who fall in love and decide to relocate because Denmark is the best country in the world.


8 responses to “Why Denmark is the best country in the world.

  1. People that dislike probably DO have mental problems. I hate it, but then I have mental problems. The good thing is that in Denmark, there is only a 2-year waiting list to see a psychiatrist. I don’t think anyone can complain about this long wait, not unless they were mental or something.

    Foreigner in Denmark X

  2. I heard that you can get up to ten paid visits to see a psychologist if you are under 35. Once you reach the age of 35 in Denmark, you cease having any mental problems whatsoever. Probably due to the fact that most people over the age of 35 in Denmark kill themselves.

    • The suicide rate is high in Denmark, yes. But when you have been to THAT MANY family confirmations, THAT MANY julfrokost?..etc…I suppose, death by ones own hand doesn’t seem that radicle.

  3. That sounded like me when I first fell in love with my Dane. Now, we are thankfully waiting on American immigration to get the hell out of here.

  4. I am also mad about denmark. I think we should unite in internet to support and promote all danish and denmark’s best things..

  5. I wish that i could correckt that comment^

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