Mother-in-law query.

“Dear Babs,

Background: male, Danish wife,  one small child,  currently in Denmark.

My wife and I met when we were both working in London.  The moment I met her I just fell really hard,  there was something slow motion about those first few moments I saw her,  the way the light hit her hair,  her fresh skin,  her tinkling laugh.  She wasn’t like the English girls I was used to dating: she had a cute accent and a very relaxed attitude to her body,  and she brushed up really well as equally as she was happy to hang out with the lads in jeans.

It was a bit complicated as we were both with other people at the time,  we started a whirlwind romance,  that lead to something more serious, a spontaneous wedding  and our little son XXXXX was born eleven months later!!!

Shortly before his birth we moved over to Denmark so my wife could be nearer her mum and her ‘network’ and so she could ‘finish her education’ once the baby was born and because the Danish childcare system is the best in the world.

Since then,  we’ve had real intense problems with her mother,  and I just want to ask if this is normal? I feel very alone,  have put on shitloads of weight and begun to drink heavily,  although I don’t think this is connected to the mother in law,  it is very unlike me and I have started to deny Skype convo requests from friends back home in case they get concerned. I am also starting to feel trapped and angry as my recently announced that she has changed her mind about returning to the UK once her education is finished,  and in an argument about said issue she shouted at me that if I hate Denmark so much I should just leave.

Yours sincerely,


3 responses to “Mother-in-law query.

  1. I think we go to the same pub.

  2. Years ago a friend sent me a down comforter from Denmark that was just for one person and I want to get another, cannot find in the US. HELP PLEASE

  3. I feel so sorry and recognize this. What has happened since ?

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