40 good and bad things about Denmark


  1. The beaches are simple and clean and look rather pretty in winter or summer.
  2. One always feels so exotic and interesting and fast witted here.
  3. You don’t have to lock your door if you live in a rural area because the small chance of being robbed makes it worth it.
  4. The shops are not open during the times when people who work are around in essence it means you save a  lot of money because you can’t buy anything.
  5. The buses run on time.
  6. It’s the home of LEGO so that’s kind of neat.
  7. There are no poisonous animals.
  8. Ditto earth quakes (I must admit I am getting help from a 10 year old with this).
  9. There are no nuclear reactors here ( I am resisting the urge to point out that Sweden put theirs as close to Denmark as possible).
  10. The summers here are picture book chocolate box perfect in terms of the colours.
  11. If you drink it can be very cheap to stay sloshed and nobody will judge you (okay, I’m going off at a tangent, I don’t think this is good).
  12. The cakes.  The cakes and bread.
  13. It’s okay to be fat here, as is the norm.  Even the teenage girls (so skinny in London for example) have pot jelly bellies.
  14. If you like cafe culture and have a lot of money and don’t mind overhearing the same conversations, it’s a great place to hang out if you like that sort of thing.
  15. You can tell people you’ve lived in the birth place of Hans Christian Anderson.
  16. Denmark is a great education.  If this is the happiest place on earth then please don’t show me the saddest.
  17. Children are all in daycare from six months so that frees up a lot of time. I guess.
  18. Danes are sweet and innocent.
  19. If you are from the USA you can live here and say you’ve lived in Europe, which it really is.  Denmark is the poster child of Europe, and that is going to be a great story to tell the grandchildren.
  20. It doesn’t get too hot.
  21. There is lots of snow and snow can be fun.
  22. People like to do cozy and snuggle on the sofa.
  23. If you don’t want to be married to someone you can just divorce then and carry on with the rest of your life (warning: this only applies to dane on dane marriages and not to mixed culture marriages here).
  24. You can leave your kids unattended and you won’t get done for it.  Even really small babies.
  25. It’s really small so you don’t have to spend hours in the car to get anywhere.
  26. There’s a lot of ecological foodstuff to choose from in the supermarkets.
  27. Free gift wrapping service
  28. Free samples at the beauty counter and during food promotions.
  29. There is always a party to go to.
  30. If you like fish you can really pig out.
  31. If you like going topless on the beach nobody will arrest you.
  32. Cycling.
  33. Stuff is left outside supermarkets at night and it hardly gets stolen, which gives one a sense of living somewhere where people don’t need to steal.
  34. New Years Eve is done like they do it in films.
  35. Free Speech, anybody can say what they like without fear of reprisal.
  36. Equality, everybody is equal here and the handicapped get gold plated wheelchairs.
  37. Free schools … schools are free here.  You do not have to pay a single kroner for children for the schooling they get from 8am until 4.30 pm.
  38. The Penal system.  Sentences are really lenient here,   and one can do murder and only get three years or even nothing (if it is a family member and they goad you).
  39. Babies.  Babies are left unattended in carts outside all the drinking establishments.  It is so safe here nobody cares.
  40. Safety.  Denmark is so safe that there are no crimes.  Nobody gets burgled,  nobody gets raped and above all nobody gets their car stolen.
  41. Happiest Place on Earth, apart from North Korea of course.  Denmark is the happiest place on Earth, everybody is so happy and you can see it in their happy smiling faces.
  42. Low suicide rate.  Because Denmark is so happy the suicide rate is so low.  Last year there were only 7 suicides in the whole of Denmark and three of those were mercy suicides so do not count.
  43. International community.  The international community in Denmark is thriving.  There are more people moving to Denmark than leaving and the buzz is spreading all over the world that Denmark is the place to be.
  44. The educational system here is second to none.
  45. Multi culturalism and tolerance.  Denmark has embraced its immigrants and all schools teach understanding and rejoicing in differences.
  46. Human Rights.  Denmark has a spotless record when it comes to human rights, and has twice recieved the Worlds Best Treater of Humans award from Sting.
  47. Vikings.  Vikings come from Denmark.
  1.  The seasons are insane.  One extreme to the other.  six months of extreme  cold and snow and having to wear a duvet coat with legs (obviously Canadians and Eskimos have no probs with this) and then stark bright sunlight bouncing off impossibly blue skies and garish yellow fields of rape.
  2. The people are odd.  So unless you are the same sort of odd you are going to hate it here.
  3. Really limited food choices.
  4. Funny opening hours at the shops.  They close when people get out of work…WTF????
  5. Sexual overtones..it is not unusual to find porm mags next to childrens comics.
  6. The landscape: really boring despite its summer prettiness,  one starts to yearn for hills and mountains.
  7. Horrid new breed of expats being paid by government think tanks to pretend Denmark is a viable option for people with children.  EVIL MOFOS.
  8. No veggie option.  Veggie option in Denmark is chicken or fish.  Many Danes do not understand what the word Vegan means and think it is something to do with diabetes.
  9. Arrogance.  Denmark thinks it is the best place in the world, which is really embarrassing because North Korea is.
  10. Bathrooms..its really rare to find a bathroom with a bath in it here. If you want to get properly clean you need a bath.
As you can see, the positives about Denmark far outweigh the negatives, so I would suggest, if you are thinking of moving here and are one of the many many hundreds of people who come to this blog on the searches:
“good and bad things about Denmark”
“should i move to Denmark”
“are danish people friendly”
“is denmark a good place to live”
etc, then you just move here, start a blog and tell the world.
 I suppose I am being irresponsible but to be quite frank, I am feeling playful.

74 responses to “40 good and bad things about Denmark

  1. 41 is my favourite.
    You missed out how democratic Denmark is. IT IS SO DEMOCRATIC. They have democracy coming out of their ears. This is because they invented democracy but they used a Greek word for it because it sounds better than “folkestyre”. If you visit another land you will see that they do not have as much democracy as Denmark and that is a shame but understandable because other lands cannot handle the concept of democracy so if anyone wants to go to a land with a lot of democracy they should move to Denmark.

  2. I like Danish people …very supportive.
    I hate the Car price here; don’t know what this country want to prove by having this unrealistic on road CAR price…around 3 time of else where in the world. I am confused whether all world is idiot or me here regarding only and only CAR? Rest all I simply love it.

    • The reason why cars are very expensive in Denmark is because of enviromental penalties for having a personal car. For an example the goverment finances part of your car, if you choose to drive an electric car. The other reason is, that Denmark doesn’t have any carcompanies, so the goverment has to earn something from carbuyers, because since there are no carcompanies they can not be taxated.
      Hope that answered your question. I am a dane, I don’t have a drivers license and I’m not planning on getting one – I like the idea and usage of public transportation and bicycles.

  3. interesting, I didnt get the N Korea connection??

    • Because whatever is happening in N Korea is usually a lie. Their leader Kim Jong-un is a twisted sicko who loves to show the world an unreal picture of his country (and some facts about himself like, he doesn’t poop or pee hahahaha), has full control over media and deceives the nation while they suffer in poverty. He even deceived his people by making a montage out of World Cup 2014, showing that N.Korea played and won it😄😄😄
      It’ s a total communism situation and people have no connection to the outside world.

  4. I made this same list! Independently and almost verbatim I might add. This is incredible!

  5. I love Danmark. My late husband, a Dane, and I lived there before moving to Australia. Am now in the USA again, but moving back to Australia this year. I learned to ride a bike responsibly and cook well in København.

    A few summers ago I rented a cottage on Ærø in Ærøskøbing for a couple of months. The choices of food freshly grown on Ærø were excellent, the people most welcoming, and the weather a perfect Dansk summer. Of course, I had many visitors – from Danes to Australians to Americans.

    I still keep close touch with my Dansk family, including my nephew, Jan, who is a fine journalist. Another good thing to add to the list of good things is the great bike roads and polite bike riders!

    Thanks you, Danmark, for many years of happiness.

  6. The criminal part is not true. We’ve a decent crimerate in many areas.

    You don’t attend school form 8.30 to 16.30. During elementary it’s usually 8.10 to 13.45 and then it becomes 8.00 to 15.30 when you’re in high school (Gymnasium).

    Remember to mention our good english. As well as the “Jantelove” which is an invisible law, that says that you’re no better than me, even if you’re a successful lawyer and I am a school teacher. It’s a hidden law that is printed onto our foreheads, we don’t break, ever.

  7. Ha ha – I just found this page.
    I love the number 4 in the Bad section!

    But the one about suicide in the good list is not true. We have a very high suicide rate.

    PS/ Im Danish🙂

  8. I’m doing a speech on Denmark for school at the minute, and I’m just wondering if that 3 year prison sentence for murder is right?

    • It is right, although 3 years is a very lucky penalty to get from a homicide. It’s a little fucked up, but do consider that we do not have many homicides in Denmark. BUT – a person can get lifetime prison (check out Peter Lundin) where the only thing that can get you out is the Queen’s pardon.

  9. OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO FUNNY! I wrote this shortly before leaving Denmark when I COULD NOT GIVE A FUCK.

  10. There are a TON of more bad things about Denmark I HATE THIS COUNTRY

  11. I do not agree on some of the points… it is, illegal to drink on the streets, and people DO NOT leave their babies un attended when they drink, people get raped or burgled on the streets, they even get stab on brought day light…

    P.S. I’m born in Denmark, I live there

  12. This is hilarious!!! No. 47 made me crack up! Nice way to finish the “Good” list!

  13. Thanks for the info. I am going to move to Denmark soon. I visited Denmark last Oct Although my first impression of Denmark was not good but the more I learn about the country the more I am excited to move Denmark sooner. I am working in Singapore for almost 6 years. Although, It is good country overall to live but It is country with less freedom of speech and I want to settle down in more democratic country. Anyway, I hope the land of most happiest people in the world ultimately give me happiness in my life.

  14. No crime? Haha clearly you haven’t been to Nordvest or nørrebro

  15. Whoa. Let me list some of the wrongs here. 4: Shops close around 6pm. Giving most people enough time to get what they want. 5: most buses in Copenhagen, run every 4-10min, so yes, they run on time, I guess. 13: a study from 2002, put the Danish girls on the rank of the “least obese women in the world”. 39: No they aren’t. If you see a baby outside a coffee shop, the parent is the person behind the glass, so not unattended. 40: Wtf!! Not true. Cars a stolen all the time. Shootings daily on Nørrebro. I can keep going with the crimes. However, we do have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. 5(negative): Not since the 70’s, now the porn magazines have been put on top shelve in all shops all over the country (By law). The rest you put there, I can’t argue with your opinion on me and my fellow country-men/women. However, we do know the difference between a veggie and diabetes. One thing you should know, been living here and all; our biggest export is pork, and we love meat in this country. So yes, if you’re vegetarian, we do have things you need for your food. Arrogance? Well, doesn’t every country think their country the best in the world? It’s called patriotism. And his name is not H.C Anderson, it’s H.C Andersen😉

    As a tourist in Denmark you’d enjoy yourself, but living here, people actually move out just weeks after coming into the country because its very hard to find an apartment for students, foreigners as well as for Danes.

  16. Really dude?! So many points I disagree on. I’m born here, and lived here most my life. Babies are NOT left unattended. Porn magazines are not next to children books, not since the 70’s (By law). 2002 study showed Danish women as the least obese women in the world. We do know the difference between a vegetarian and diabetes, we just choose to live by the pork and cow, and not rabbits food. And we’re no more odd to your country men, as your country men are to us. It’s what’s better known as “Culture differences”.

  17. jessboatcrew@yahoo.com.au

    ha ha, I can’t believe its not butter !!!!

  18. Hi,
    I’m danish AND veggitarien. But u have right: danes are eating too much meat:)

  19. “It’s okay to be fat here, as is the norm. Even the teenage girls (so skinny in London for example) have pot jelly bellies.”
    -That’s not a good thing.
    “Safety. Denmark is so safe that there are no crimes. Nobody gets burgled, nobody gets raped and above all nobody gets their car stolen.
    Babies. Babies are left unattended in carts outside all the drinking establishments. It is so safe here nobody cares.”
    -I don’t care if you lived in the safest place in the universe. Leaving your baby unattended is not okay. And you mean to tell me nobody in Denmark has ever had their car stolen, or anything stolen for a matter of fact?
    “If you are from the USA you can live here and say you’ve lived in Europe, which it really is. Denmark is the poster child of Europe, and that is going to be a great story to tell the grandchildren.”
    -Um, I can live anywhere in Europe and say I lived in Europe. And Denmark is not the poster child of Europe. Ask anyone the first country they think of when they hear “Europe”. I bet that 99% will say either France or England.
    “You can leave your kids unattended and you won’t get done for it. Even really small babies.”
    -Again, not a good thing.”
    There is lots of snow and snow can be fun.
    -It’s fun if you’re staying in Denmark for two weeks in a hotel for vacation. But it’s not fun when you have to shovel snow and drive on slippery grounds and wear heavy coats when you leave the house just to take them off in your warm car and then take it off when you have to walk to your office building and then take them off again. (That was a really long sentence)
    Sexual overtones..it is not unusual to find porm mags next to childrens comics.
    -That’s not true. There’s a law prohibiting this.

  20. Its just got me all confused about Denmark I intend to to move there. What are the best sites to get to know about the place and how affordable is accommodation

  21. I want to move to denmark but I heard from the grapevine that if you cannot speak Danish it will be difficult to get a job how true is that

    • Depends on how content you’d be with cleaning toilets flr a living. There’s enough jobless Danes for it to be next to impossible for foreigners to get a job as anything but an underpaid toilet scrub.

  22. this borders on genius. How did you get such insight?

  23. What’s wrong with sexual overtones? That should be listed under GOOD.

  24. I can certainly see that the person who made this have no idea what he/she/it is talking about
    1. Many food stores i closing about 8-23 pm.
    2. Arrogance? HAH, maybe a little. But nothing compare to US
    3. Happiest Place on Earth. Of course. We do not need to bitch about the smallest things or blaming others, as some others spend much time on.
    4. Safety? Denmark is the country in EU how have most burglary pr. 100.000 citizens. Ohh yeah. So safe.
    5. If you kill someone i can get 12 years in jail.
    6. You meet from 8:00 am to 12-14 pm times in ground school.
    7. It’s not okay to be fat. Fitness and diet is high fashion. Compare to especially US and fx. England, danes is thin.
    8. Who will leave their children unsupervised. is then probably the stupidest thing I’ve heard. So wrong.
    9. You don’t have to lock your door. Back to nr. 4. You have no idea what you a talking about.

    • I am so glad you set me straight. Thank you so much. You obviously know more than I do. I’ve only lived in Denmark over three decades.

      • Nor do they recognize sarcasm apparently. I was seriously considering a move to Denmark. The replies to this blog have sobered me of that notion, im a very sarcastic person. I’d NEVER survive amongst a humorless people!

        • Don’t worry, Danes most definitely understand sarcasm … but as it shows here, many of us do not like to be critisised by foreigners (which in my opinion is unfair as we don’t mind critisising just about EVERYBODY ELSE) … but if you are willing to make fun of yourself instead you will be IMMENSELY popular. Self-irony (with huge emphasis on SELF here, apparently) is something we appreciate, in ourselves as well as in others.
          Anyways, I enjoyed reading this very much … it can be quite interesting (not to mention educational) to see yourself through someone elses eyes and many of the observations are very perceptive and funny.

  25. Okay I have go a little rage over this (I’m Danish myself). Many of these facts isn’t true, misspelling and a lot of bad grammar. I might not write gramaticly correct either, not my first language and I’m just 16 so.. Yeah.

    7. We have poisionous animals – just not deadly! Except if you’re allgergic to example bies.

    8. We do have a few earthquakes, they’re just incredibly small.

    10. It’s a personal opinion. We have a lot of rain in Denmark.. Rains quite a lot in the summertime.

    11. I don’t even really get that sentence.. But alchohol is not known to be cheap in DK, but we can buy alcohol from 16, as long as it’s under 16,5%

    19. Is that even true? Many people doesn’t even know of Denmark! Hell, even Danish people doesn’t know all it’s islands!

    33. Not even true. And most people DO lock their doors and cars. If you don’t lock your car.. If the car isn’t missing, the stuff in it is, maybe also the radio.

    39/40 nooot true.

    Now not so numbered.

    Danes DO care if you’re fat. A lot. We have a lot of bullying ourselves.

    Café life here is expensive. A cup of coffe can cost waay more than it should, just sayin’.

    Education is free in Denmark. Primary school, high school university or whatever after highschool; free! But I think you have to pay for books after high school. It doesn’t matter it’s from 8.am – 4.30 pm.. Any kind of education, just as much time as it takes.

    Danes are NOT sweet and innocent.

    Cozy.. Some people are cozy, others aren’t. It’s not like all Danes walk around and lie with eachother everywhere.

    If you leave kids unanttended like that.. It’s not legal here at all. You can get your kid taken away, we do care!

    It’s not that small. It can still be over 8 hours… And that’s with train.

    There isn’t always a party, maybe in Cph but not everywhere.

    Most of us DO know what vegitarians are, and some the difference between a vegatarian and a vegan.

    Bathrooms without showers.. Heard of a toilet? Ofc we have a baths! Not as much public, more at hotels or at home.

    Get your facts straight, okay? This blog doesn’t seem very reliable.

  26. what a load of bollocks!! Anybody would think you lot were talking about f*****g Disney world!!….Denmark is a great country but it is far from the treacly glossy crap spouted here!!

  27. there is a lot of crimes, drug abuse.. and they are even thinking of legalizing mari just because the preventing people from smoking is costing too much. Peope will steal your stuff if you leave them outside here. i havent seen any shops leave anything outside.. (not even rema1000 crap). there are fat people here. there is always fat people.

    education.. danes… yeah.. there are the smart ones.. but sooo many are very very retarted (just ask for stofa guy for visit and you know) or go to small computer shop.. and they claim you can go play newest games without a crafighs Card on computer. if electrical wire is cut off.. it dont mean its the problem.. it might be your machine itself.. even it needs the wire.. witch is cut to Work. but hey danes are so smart.. meh.

    chicken…ducks, goose, pork, cow.. yeah those they eat and a lot of it.
    denmark is Europeans Canada.

    its very expensive… even im from Finland and i still find Things expensive here.. Lucky i live at shouth so😛 german is NeXT to me yayz.

    Danish people whine.. they whine freakishly much about everything.

    • We don’t whine at all compared to the US. “OMG! That kid was swearing in school” said the US teacher

  28. pjanson358@gmail.com

    i liked this a lot. it so funny made me piss my pants. I love Scotland.

  29. anomonomonoose

    I do fear the satire may be lost on Danes. Kind regards, a fellow gluton-for-punishment-long-term-expat-in-this-god-awful-redneck-country. And don’t worry Danes, I will make the effort at some point and “fuck off home” cause I don’t like the country, the ridiculous big brother communist government or the vast majority of the wankers who are nationals. Just got to finish leeching and parking the beautiful women here first. Bat shit crazy beautiful women.

  30. Sarahzazzi91@hotmail.com

    I have a really bad yeast infection but this blog cheered me up, thanks! Xxxx

  31. You know that you’re contradicting yourself right? You just said in good things about Denmark that the opening hours in Denmark was good, and in bad things about Denmark they suck. And another example is that you said in good things that it’s not too hot and snows a lot. But then in bad things you say that the seasons are insane.
    Oh and btw, we aren’t arrogant! You are when you, after saying we think we are best, saying that North Korea is best..

    But other than that you describe Denmark pretty well. There’s a few things that is wrong but that’s not important.🙂

  32. lol I see you were being sarcastic. Still it give me a good idea🙂 Good job. 12 years is like 3 for murderer I would agree.

  33. This made my day!:D Increadible. Have a good one!

  34. Sorry for the misspelle. Of course I meant; Incredible (since spelling is such a big deal here😉 Love this post. Ciao!

  35. i m planing to visit Denmark for a course…. i m so so confused..please help me..so many thoughts about denis

  36. Denmark IS a great country, I mean, coming from Asia myself right from the capital city {Which means, traffic jam, high criminality, etc. I still love it tho!}

    But.. I’m a foreigner, that goes into public school. No, my step dad can afford international school but my mom and him decided I need to go to public school so I’ll learn Danish easily.

    I already have a bad feeling about it, then.. yep. The school is not so good. I live in the countryside, weird right? They should be nicer and all.

    But no, the girls, UGH. They are just horrible, they judge you for minding your own business instead of studying Danish and LITERALLY force you on learning it as they say in their Danish accent in English “Nou, we are not forcing you. But you have to do this”

    I’m really pissed off. The guys are cool, but only for hanging out. The girls are just.. bitchy, judgmental, and a bunch of hypocrites. I’m tired with dealing with them, they even made me cried many times and loathed my school.

    So, if you’re a Danish and happen to read this. First of all, if you hear someone learning your language and they sound ridiculous no matter how funny it is, DONT LAUGH unless you are close to them.

    My first attempt on speaking Danish, was heard by girls from another class and they laugh at me secretly as they steal a glance or two at me.

    I’m not joking, THEY’RE the one who made me feel like shit and focuses more on the accent than remembering the vocab. They’re the one who got me into social anxiety when speaking Danish. {Long story}

    So no, not ALL Danish people (girls) are nice.

    I’m that kind of person who likes learning languages heck I’m learning Japanese and speak (a bit) French too. Learn it, all by myself. No forced. No shit from the people around me trying to suffocate me with shit.

    So here is my tip : “People have their ways on learning language, there is no wrong or right way. So mind your own fucking business and not fucking judge other people for sounding ridiciulous and even if they do keep it to yourself. And don’t force them either just because you’re a fucking pro on this language and also forces them saying rød grød med fløde”

    Have a good day you all♡

  37. this is awesome. i love how some people get so upset about it too😛

  38. Hello,

    I am currently living in Dubai and thinking to move to Denmark since here the living style is extremely expensive and cannot be affordable and stable,

    Will you please advise me if it worth it to leave every thing behind and move on ,

    I’m holding a Lebanese passport and my wife is originally Italian
    Thank you in advance

  39. Number 9 is misleading… it implies that Denmark is against nuclear energy. Denmark gets 10% of it’s energy from nuclear power. They buy it from Germany and Sweden.

    You may notice the nuclear power plants in Sweden are all around the coast. This is for two reasons:
    1. Nuclear plants use sea water to cool the reactors.
    2. Much of the Swedish population lives close to the sea, not in the center of Sweden. It makes sense to put power plants where large groups of people are using energy.

    So, Sweden didn’t put the nuclear power plants close to Denmark just to be rude to the Danes. A little more thought was put into the matter.


  40. Babsalicious… I guess you are either from USA (the “greatest country in the world” puke puke) or UK (“we own the world”) because you are extremely rude to your readers who, mind if I point out, are mostly Danish and were correcting your ignorant ass.
    I’m glad that you moved out of Denmark because 1. you don’t care about information you are sharing (dumb ass) and 2. you are not funny at all.
    If this was your attempt to be sarcastic, you failed miserably. You had the chance to answer nicely to people, but you have chosen to stay rude and basically say “f*** you all”.

    Well, I just wanted to tell you that and hope that no one leaves any comment anymore because instead of spending your time reading this, you should rather use it for How not to be a dick & How to love yourself classes.

    Peace out!

  41. I have an exchange student from Denmark & all I hear about is how poorly our country is & how stupid the people are. How Denmark is sooooooooo much better. He is very arrogant & not respectful. I can not believe they think it is ok for a 16 yr old to legally drink. This poor child can not even wash the dishes correctly.

  42. Bored at work, so I’m gonna give my two cents. I’m Danish, born & bred, but done quite fair amount of travel. Have a Masters in International Business and now live in China.

    First of all, I would like to say sorry for the apparent lack of understanding the concept of sarcasm my countrymen (and women) seems to to have…

    These are mostly remarks to the people commenting and not the original author…

    3. Of course there are break ins in Denmark but none the less we have a very relaxed view on security. Most private homes that I have visited abroad have automatic locks and fair amount of people aboard lock their door when home and awake.

    4. This post was posted June 2011, before the ‘Lukkelov’ (law of hours of business) was amended! Even now our shops will close relatively early compared to other countries.

    13. I must admit that I was a surprised at this statement but I think it makes more sense if you change the word fat to chubby. There are (relatively) few really fat people in Denmark but on the other hand, neither do we have the stick-and-bone (teenagers) you see elsewhere.

    24. This seems to be the one people react most strongly to. People seem to fail to notice that for someone who is used to supervise their babies like an eagle on a rabbit, leaving your baby outside with ‘only’ a baby-monitor must seem like they are unattended. Also people somehow seem to believe that the author put the word ‘completely’ or ‘total’ before unattended. This is all about relativity and that is perceived to be the norm…

    38. The penal system is lenient here, even though only getting 3 years for murder is very low and uncommon, the point is that it have occurred.

    39. see 24.

    40. I do believe that Denmark is quite safe and safer than most other countries. That being said I think we average quite fairly in the statistics (when you can argue whether the statistics paints realistic picture).

    42. Denmark ranks no. 88 (more suicides = lower rank), which is not _that_ low but not that bad either (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_suicide_rate)

    47. Vikings! F*ck YEAH!!

    Bad list

    3. Yes, specially if you live outside a ‘major’ city (ie. Copenhagen and to a degree Aarhus)

    5. Maybe the porn mags have been removed but the overtones are still there!

    8. Even reading the comments show that the Danes do not know that a vegan is. Most of them refer to a vegetarian. It’s not the same people… Look it up!

    10. Why would we need bathrooms? You are never more than 50km away from the world greatest bathtub; the ocean!😀

  43. Lol, lets talk about number 5.
    Do you remember school when you was a child? Didn’t you shower with the opposite sex? I did. And you know why? Cause children don’t care.
    Oh and yes I’m Danish lol.

  44. Thts really nice…. I have gone through all the replies as well… I have one questions from danes??
    I am planning to move to copehhagen but worried as i havd two kids 2 years and 3 months if i can trust day care system of denmark ?? Because many social media showing europe and US worst day care behavior with babies and even child abuse i am really really worried for this please guide if this doesn’t happen in denmark??

    And how much cost of day care approximately??? In figures ( krone)
    Want a true answer


  46. im danish you dont know a shit about me country

  47. Denmark is a corrupt, racist and arrogant country.
    It’s normal to have slept with 100people and no one really cares about the partner they are with unless it’s for their own self satisfying needs.
    Danes are ‘independent’ but follow their system like it is a God that does no wrong. They constantly put down other people’s cultures and religions and talk about how superior they are.
    Don’t move to Denmark. As a foreigner you will never get employed and feel like jumping in front of an S train before too long.

  48. They constantly put down other people’s cultures and religions and talk about how superior they are.

    Yes we put down people hwo thinks religions is true!!! where u from ? the 1800?

  49. Guido La Vespa

    I don’t dispute that it’s not easy for a guest to integrate into a foreign country. Nevertheless, I believe that every human being has potential for greatness, irrespective of their culture, race and creed. Please, don’t jump to conclusions and believe that I’m naive, I write from personal experience.

    In the first instance, may I just confirm that Babsalicious is actually hilarious? I was LOL.

    The relatively serious part now: You should always accept that if you are sufficiently fortunate or unfortunate to be allowed in any foreign country, you MUST do your absolute best to integrate with the natives and respect their system/s irrespective of whether or not you agree with it – you are a guest after all and always will be! The other thing to be conscious about is that you shall never consider yourselves to be immigrants or not worthy of being in that particular part of the world. NEVER segregate yourselves! If you do label yourselves as mere outsiders, what do you think the rest of the population will quickly summarise? You see, the truth is that the planet belongs to no one, we are all passing through and don’t particularly ask or choose which part of the world we are born into. Additionally, whatever wealth you accumulate during your lifetime, sadly one day you shall leave it all behind, focus on leaving a happy, healthy life instead. OK, enough of this stuff or otherwise you won’t take me too seriously. Going back to opportunities in a foreign country, in a nutshell:

    Whether or not you progress in a land which is foreign to you, initially, is actually more to do with the way you think – NOT the way other people think of you. Ask yourself, what can I do well and how can I improve through educating or reinventing myself? There are many ways of educating oneself and almost always you will have to start from the very foundation and work your way up, just like the natives have done for many generations, still do and always will. Unless, you have some unique skill acquired secretly or previously that no one else has, you will (always) have to compete with other people – the majority.

    The question is, are you willing to work extra hard? People will respect you for it and before long you will start to believe in yourselves and guess what? People will believe in you too and you will be on your way to greatness, the limits you impose on your mind can be devastating to your self development and full potential. Grow up and don’t expect things to be handed out to you on a plate. Remember that life is all about concious thought. If you think negative and always blame others for your downfalls, how can you ever progress? I’m not a motivational freak, there are many of those in the world and they too have found their questionable niches. Stop blaming others, take a good look at yourselves and live your lives to the best of your ability. Find your own niches! Learn to say NO, break away from negative energy and negative people, including those that you currently believe to be your kind. Don’t be fooled, in truth there exist only one kind: The human kind.

    Finally, don’t take me too seriously, I’m not here to lecture you nor am I perfect. I’m just a little wiser than I used to be.


    An extraordinary mortal human being just like you (: Indeed, looking forward to more of Babsalicious entertaining replies. :-p

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