What does Danish look like?

Many people ask me:  “What do The Danish look like?”

or “How can you tell if someone IS Danish?”

The easiest way to see what Dannish look like is if they have light hair. Or if they are not ‘of another ethnic background than Danish”.

Usually,  if you are looking at two people in Denmark and one is ‘of another ethnic background than Danish ( perhaps with a monobrow or carrying a rolled up carpet under his arm or with a big bushy black beard and angry face)  and the other has light hair:  the one with light hair will almost certainly be Dannish.

So. If you are wondering, a Danish looks like a light haired person, and anything ‘darker’ than that looks like they are not Danish.  In the long run, this makes the fight against crime a lot easier for everybody.

Here is your cut out ‘n’ keep guide to recognizing what is looking Danish and what is not looking Danish…

Not of Danish Appearance

Left: Not of Danish Appearance. Right: Of Danish Appearance.

OF Danish appearance.

Liberated, but still NOT DANISH.

Obviously Danish (light hair)

If in doubt: dark hair: not danish.

so not danish

do you need to ask?

Obviously Dannish.

7 responses to “What does Danish look like?

  1. I dunno, that last one has suspiciously brown eyes.

  2. Another thing that makes me scared: isn’t he wearing a traditional costume … like, he has some cultural thing going on?

  3. Can you not put the Milky Bar Kid up, Babs? He’s most certainly Danish!🙂

  4. On seeing this memorable post once again I am even more suspicious of the last one. What’s with the beard anyway? Is he really Danish or is this something he just says to fit in? I’m suspicious, is he just saying that he’s a member of the club so that he can plunder our velfare state? And what’s with the yellow glow? Is that left over blonde hair dye?

  5. Lol, a lot of danish people have brown and red hair. I’m danish.

  6. I’m Danish, I have brown hair and bright blue eyes. The REAL way to tell if someones Danish, they can either have light hair with darkish/light brown eyes, or darkish/light brown hair with light eyes, or light hair and light eyes.

  7. I’m Danish and I have brown hair. I think this post is a disgrace.

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